BREAKING: MAN hanged today – BOTSWANA still Practising DEATH PENALTY??

A bricklayer who gruesomely strangled his employer to death at Makobo village in 2012 has been killed this morning 02-12-2019, reported Radio Botswana.

Mooketsi ‘Batista’ Kgosibodiba, was convicted and sentenced to hang for the murder of Benjamin Makobela.

It is alleged that before the murder, the deceased had had an argument with Kgosibodiba accusing him of stealing 10 bags of cement and a drum.

Molela Mpatane, a man who witnessed the confrontation between the two, told the court that he had been weeding the yard when the two men engaged in a fierce verbal exchange.

For the next two days Mokobela was never seen in the village and when Kgosibodiba who was seen driving his van was asked about his employer’s whereabouts, he claimed that he had dropped him off at the hiking spot to go and buy some cement and petrol in Francistown.

According to court documents, after Mokobela’s disappearance, Kgosibodiba spent the night in the deceased’s vehicle at one of the witnesses yard.

When Mpatane returned to finish weeding the yard after two days, both Mokobela and Kgosibodiba were not home and when he detected a strong foul smell coming from the house she became suspicious and called the police.

Botswana still practises death penalty.


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