Bona Mugabe, Kasukuwere propels war against ED

Bona Mugabe, the late President Robert Mugabe’s daughter, is set to be the liberator of the people of Zimbabwe political analyst and semiotician Dr Jethro William Mpofu has said.
In a highly charged up article posted on Monday Mpofu said President Emmerson Mnangagwa will be vindictive enough to dispossess the Mugabes of all the wealth that they accumulated during the time of the long time iron ruler.

The frustration that will be done to the Mugabes by the Mnangagwa administration will cause Grace Mugabe to be suicidal and Bona will become the savior of the family by standing up to the persecution Mpofu added.

Mpofu also said exiled Saviour Kasukuwere may team up with Bona to confront the system head on and the people of Zimbabwe will rally behind them

Commenting on the article analyst Kelvin Mazhandu said, “What Dr Mpofu is saying is not new. Remember when Nelson Mandela was imprisoned it is Zinziswa Mandela who addressed rallies and gave people hope through the messages from his father. Mugabe may be dead but what he stood for still resonate with the people of Zimbabwe who have repented from supporting the junta in November 2017. When Bona stands up and electrify the crowds with the ideas that his father stood for, the world will see how the current regime will crumble like a deck of cards.”

Read Mpofu’s full article below:

Dear Zimbabweans. I have been thinking long and hard about you lately, and about the dark times in the land, the mixture of tears and blood of the innocents. I have been pondering the many scenarios and possibilities. I will only share two telling developments that you and I might not like but have to ponder and work with. Before that let me share a word with the political opposition.

I have previously noted that Zimbabwe has so much politics and not so many politicians to take the political penalty kicks in front of us. We are not Machiavellians. We lack the spirit of the fox. We need more Jonathan Moyos in our lives. The political opposition, all political parties including one man and one woman ones must necessarily unite or perish before the coming storm, for a storm is coming, wind, dust, mud and heavy rains, politically, floods bigger than any before. I have stated before that there is another internal coup that is coming. ZANU-PF factions will fix each other to an end. After that the people’s coup will follow. Zimbabweans will win back the State, the army, the intelligence and the police as their own. Yes, hear this, the infamous soldiers and CIOs will be our heroes again one day soon.

The political opposition, united, should now appear more with the villagers of Zimbabwe. Meetings with ambassadors and important politicians of the world are good but not more important than the

villagers. The storm must find you, Nelson Chamisa, and others in the villages, with the villagers, the owners of the future.

Now here it is:

1) Much unwisely, ED will seek and find revenge on Grace Mugabe. She will be punished, persecuted, displaced and dispossessed until she earns pity and sympathy from even Lucifer himself. She will be pushed to a suicidal spirit that will get her to say, let me die fighting ! and then, and only then Zimbabweans you will know that Mugabe left behind a Monster, hidden in the open. Bona Mugabe. Not Grace Mugabe again. Just her tears and suicide will madden her kids to an insane fight.

Unbeknown to most of you is that in ZANU-PF now, no one can, with rhetoric and logic move even the stones better than Bona Mugabe. If you remember the young Mugabe you know half the story. She will speak in a tone and accent never before heard. She will speak in proverbs like a possessed woman. Wait to witness Bona Mugabe before a rally and you will come back to me. Her family and herself will be punished to suicide, and then the Mugabeness in Bona will kick in. So, opposition, do not be found in irrelevance when this starts. Be found with the people, and Bona will have to talk to you or the people will go to Bona and you will have to talk to her.

2) Ok. You Zimbabweans are not ready or willing to pick up arms and shoot the junta out. You fear death or you love life too much for that. In that situation, Machiavelli says find a bad boy or bad boys inside the system to crack it, divide it and get it to eat itself. That is the very bad news. You have to make use of those that are already bad to avoid being bad yourselves.

Saviour Kasukuwere is that. Inside and now outside. A political gangster and securocratic mafioso with a huge following inside. ED fears this monster that is surrounded by some of Zimbabwe’s most dangerous fighters and thinkers. Monsters if you like. Bona and Kasukuwere will be the face of a terrific internal opposition that will reduce ED and his few supporters to jokes. It is a suicidal and therefore real fight. No one must blink.

Desperate Zimbabweans are hungry for a hero. Any hero now. They will not bother about moral arguments and sentimental opinions. It is a Machiavellian moment that demands Machiavellians. Bona and Saviour will stand up, forced by history, to want to die for themselves first and Zimbabweans next, and they will shake the Junta to the roots.

The political opposition must seek the protection and the support of the masses or sink deep.

Source– Byo24

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