Bogus South African “Runner” dupes unsuspecting Zimbos

A GROUP of women are crying foul after they were duped of their money by a bogus online seller based in South Africa.

The bogus online seller only identified as ‘Diana’ is reported to have deleted her WhatsApp group known as ‘Diana Cape Town Runner’ where she sells and advertises clothes and other fashion products.

She is also alleged to have blocked customers after they had paid for their products.

One of the victims said she was conned of R1 200 by Diana.

“I gave Diana my money after claiming that she can get me second hand clothes for resale.

“I then transferred R1 200 using e-wallet to her and she sent a picture of the goods she had purchased as confirmation.

“However, she blocked me after I inquired about when and how I would receive the goods,” said the victim.

Another victim also gave an account on how she was duped by the bogus online seller.

“I talked to Diana because I wanted to place an order and I asked for her details since I wanted to pay through Mukuru.com.

“But she refused insisting that I should use e-wallet and I conceded to her demands.

“She blocked me soon after I made the payment as my messages were no longer getting delivered.

“I then told my relative who was in one of Diana’s WhatsApp groups, about the situation and she confronted her about the goods she had promised to send.

“Diana then exited the group after being confronted by my relative and other people who were in the group.

“Since then I never heard anything from her,” said another victim.

However, another victim Easter Ncube was lucky not to be tricked after she quickly discovered that Diana was a bogus dealer.

“When I saw WhatsApp group chats about people who were grumbling about Diana’s crooked deals I decided not to purchase goods from her.

“Besides discovering chats of people complaining I had doubts about her business since she was refusing to use Mukuru.com which requires personal details for transactions,” Ncube told H-Metro.

The con woman could not be reached for comment as she deleted her social media account while her mobile phone number is no longer available.

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