Bizzare as Chitungwiza Prophet’s car is taken over by a Baboon

A Chitungwiza, Prophet Elias Gomwe (41), of the John Masowe church on Friday – who was prompted to speak out after leaving the town for brushing his teeth using only their hands for protection – says he is still sick because of the accident.
“About two months ago I survived a needle accident when my car crashed from Gandanzara, Rusape, to Harare where I was working for a family.
“There were six of us in the car with the other apostles working with me. I started to feel the steering getting harder and I didn’t know what it was. I felt almost dizzy when I saw the hairy hands of the baboon holding the steering wheel.

Before long, he says the car went out
on the road when he was too scared to hold the steering wheel and it jumped and turned over twice.
“As soon as the truck got into the car, some of my fellow believers began to cry as they said they would see it inside. These people shouted when the car was spinning, ”says Prophet Elias.
The prophet says that when they regained consciousness, he fainted.
“We had been called to Gandanzara where there is a family of five unmarried daughters. Upon arriving at the village, one of my fellow believers saw a snake flying to the toilet where we slaughtered it and burned it. Then, the man of the village gambled us that we were not coming to Harare and we thought it was just a threat. ”
Prophet Elias says that when the car crashed and they collapsed, some of them later told them that the car had disappeared in an accident.

“Five of my colleagues were injured, including myself and my Mazda Twin Cab. We were later taken to the Palienyatwa Group of Hospitals Hospital where we were treated and taken out.
“But I spent months in the hospital pretending I was losing my mind. One of my victims was killed in the accident, ”he says.
Father Elias says the same Baboon they saw grabbing him from the steering wheel came to his house last week and slammed against the wall and then through the yard and then off.
“As soon as I left the hospital and during the day, the same kind of grip on the steering wheel came with me and my wives outside, and I walked over the wall around the house without any fear. It jumped into the yard and passed through the house and down to the river Duri. ”
The father’s words are echoed by his wife, Mildred Raza (31), saying the couple arrived at their house at noon.
“When I was in the accident from Rusape, I was not there, I heard that they were pulled over by a car and lovingly pulled over. Back home from the hospital, a crane came and claimed to be the same one that crashed into his car. We do not know if it is real love or affection, ”she says.
Father Elias says he is taking home treatment following the accident.
“It is my warning to all those who serve the people in spiritual distress that they should go home and pray, especially if they are traditional and know they are strong,” he says.
Citing the prophet’s experiences, Mrs Alice Masoko Kwenda (61) of Lochnvar, Harare, said the case was difficult to determine if the fathers had been sent to her or had her own.

Mrs Letwin Manguwo (27) – who is known as Gogo M Moyo of Unit M, Chitungwiza – also says the story of the prophet needs to be fully investigated.
“These fathers may indeed have been sent in love as a bribe against the crimes they committed, whether it was taking one’s wife or continuing with one’s money or something else. We can also say that he was sent by the enemy as he came from the aid of people in evil things and there is something else that the prophet may have dreamed about because people are looking for different powers, ”they say.

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