Biti: ED Mnangagwa to blame for xenophobia

Biti: ED Mnangagwa to blame for xenophobia.

MDC Alliance vice president Tendai Biti says the President Emmerson Mnangagwa is responsible for the xenophobic attacks suffered by Zimbabweans in South Africa as his government has failed to attend to the country’s economic challenges.

Mnangagwa Ramaphosa

Biti said, the economic collapse in Zimbabwe has driven its nationals to foreign lands including South Africa where they are now being targeted.

“Zanu-PF must accept the blood of fallen compatriots who have died from xenophobia attacks. For 40 years it has vandalised Zimbabwe, killed and tortured citizens, destroyed livelihoods, stolen everything that could be stolen. And for Emmerson (Mnangagwa) to behave as if nothing has happened is a shame,” said Biti.

As South Africa addresses its own challenges, Zimbabwe owes its people a duty of care. There is an obligation to build a sustainable Zimbabwe, one which does not force its people to flee the country on political, economic and social grounds. One that looks after its people.”

Biti said there was also a need for South Africa to address the xenophobic attacks.

“That any human being can find pleasure in the termination of another is particularly shocking. South Africa has a duty to stop the carnage. More importantly to investigate and understand the real causes of this debasement which can’t be explained through artificial reasons,” he said.

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