. . . as City Park increases fees

MOTORISTS have expressed concern over the City Park’s plans to hike parking tariff with effect from tomorrow.


In a statement released yesterday, City Park indicated that the parking tariff in Harare inner central business district has been increased from $2 per hour to $5 and from $1 per 30 minutes to $3 in the CBD.

The company will be charging $3 per hour in the peripheral areas of the CBD.

This is now for the second time increasing parking tariff following the February adjustment and this did not come as a surprise as it attracted the ire of motorists who have accused the department of being inconsiderate despite the current prevailing situation.

One motorist, Pastor Temba Dzamwarira said this increment is likely to affect his daily operations.

Pastor Temba Dzamwarira

“I cannot afford to pay $40 per day and this is also going to affect my daily operations because I end up being forced to leave my car at home.

“And after everyone parks their cars at home it will lead to unemployment as they will be forced to retrench their workers thereby contributing to the existing high unemployment rate.

“But rather they could have used this opportunity and decrease the tariff to accommodate many cars,” he said.

Another motorist Teh Mtizwa said parking fee in this country is the most expensive in Africa.

“I am not happy because just a few minutes ago I was denied to pay for 30 minutes by a parking marshal arguing that there is no more parking fee for 30 minutes.

“I work eight hours every day five times a week and this means I incur $200 in a week and $800 in a month.

“Honestly that’s not practical because no one can sustain this its better if they reduce to at least a dollar.

“I believe parking fare in this country is the most expensive in Africa,” said the youth.

Fadzai Zinyakatera also mentioned that there is no need for an adjustment since there are no salaries increment.

Fadzai Zinyakatera

“We haven’t received any salary increment so how are we going to balance it considering we have to also take care of the family and parents.

“I believe the money is too much and we couldn’t even afford the $2 because we have a lot of things that need to be catered for by the same salary,” she said.

However, City Parking public relations manager Francis Mandaza said the increase is in line with the prevailing economic situation.

“Basically in our current economic situation goods and services are increasing daily also the operational costs.

“Therefore this increase will enable us the company to fund repair and maintenance of parking infrastructure and parking equipment just to mention a few.

“Though it will affect many people the adjustments are necessary because we need to cushion up to meet up with standards,” he said.

He added:

“Nonetheless, we have other optional monthly packages which are cheaper. The package is at our parkades and costs $80 per month.”

Meanwhile, despite the notice stating that the new charges are effective tomorrow, most motorists were already avoiding parking bays yesterday.

They opted for the illegal “double parking” while parking bays were empty.

In an interview with H-Metro, some of the motorists said they were avoiding paying money to the city council.

“We are parking or cars on the road because we cannot afford the money that the City Council is now charging per hour.

“It is better to park in the road and give the people who clean and take care of our cars money because they really need the money to survive,” one motorist said.

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